The Safe Space program promotes a work environment that in inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals as well as provide opportunities for education by producing/hosting seminars, workshops, panel discussions, and other similar opportunities to the general public.

Origin & Concept

  • Conceived from membership conversations regarding topics members thought are important to the LGBT/ AT&T community
  • Designed as a yearlong initiative that will rollover into an annual program providing education / awareness regarding general health specifically for the LGBTQ community highlighting HIV/AIDS, heart disease, and mental health.


  • 1st Mental Health Event – “Everything is Fine” Live & Nationally Webcast event focused on mental health. Keynote by a 3-time U.S. Olympian with a diverse panel to discuss the stigma associated with discussing mental health issues, and providing resources for employees
  • Heart Disease Awareness – National teleconference event focusing in an “Education Discussion on Heart Disease”

2017 events

  • 2nd Mental Health Event –“Everything is still not Fine” Live & Nationally Webcast event continuing the discussion on mental health. With diverse panel from the medical field and people sharing their stories related to By-Polar/ Mania, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, ADHD, and Ahiemerzers. 
  • 1st HIV/ AIDS Event - “HIV Awareness – One Conversation at a time” - Live & Nationally Webcast event on a positive, candid discussion about HIV/AIDS. Aimed at providing understanding, education, and awareness. We hope to help remove the stigma associated with discussing HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

On going
HIV/AIDS Observation Awareness days – Brief communiqué pieces utilizing CDC information on HIV/AIDS awareness and education targeting specific dates and demographic groups while partnering with fellow ERGs through social media and internal media.

Our Vision: To achieve an inclusionary pipeline for leadership roles at AT&T

Our Mission Statement: 
To develop leadership skills of the women in LEAGUE in an open and inclusive environment through programming and networking opportunities.

Our Objectives:

• Offer networking opportunities
• Provide high quality programming
• Encourage active participation and attendance that maximizes and celebrates interaction

Past Projects:

Every year since 2014 we have offered Fireside Chats: (6 -8 sessions each year) The Fireside Chats are small informal sessions with 10-20 people where employees can get to know a senior leader up close, personal and have an informal Q&A with them.

In 2016 we partnered with AT&T Women of Technology and presented a program about Unconscious Bias

In 2017 we partnered with 50 and Forward to present a program about Women’s Heart Health


Past Events:

Sept 2013 - LEAGUE at AT&T Women’s program kick off with a webcast and luncheon live from Dallas. Even featured (Former) Chief Diversity Officer Debbie Storey who spoke about women in leadership roles

Oct 2013 - Kris Rinne, AT&T SVP, Network Technologies, AT&T Labs discussed the importance of women in STEM professions, her path to success, and how to prepare for a technology career.

April 2014 – Virtual event with Bill Hogg, EVP Global Customer Service who spoke about our path to 2020

September 2014 – April 2015 “Not Your Mother’s Wearables – Fit to Fierce” Health program Followed by weekly blog post on tSpace for members to share experiences and win fitness gear.

March 2015 – Women’s history event with WOA featuring author and advocate, Dr. Bonnie Morris Professor of Women Studies at Georgetown University


Who we are/Our Mission

Our committee promotes awareness, support, and education of the LBGTQ community by engaging both straight allies and LGBTQ individuals. We strive to educate, innovate, and empower while fostering stronger communities. We support a diversified workplace, so everyone can recognize and embrace their true selves. 

What we do

As part of LEAGUE at AT&T’s Ally Committee we give back to the community through various events and volunteer work. Most recently we hosted an educational mental health awareness event titled “Everything is Fine” in the Dallas Concourse Auditorium with kick off presentation by Olympic gold medalist Allison Schmitt. In addition to events we regularly volunteer with the Ronald McDonald House charities and the Atlanta Food Bank, with room for more opportunities in cities across the country. 

How we got started 

Due to the recurring question of   “How can I support the LGBTQ community as a straight person?” the Ally committee was born.  The Ally committee was founded in 2014 in the Georgia chapter of LEAGUE at AT&T and was made National in 2015. The committee was founded with the intent to show unity with LEAGUE and support AT&T’s mission of diversity and inclusion. We are quickly expanding across the country. 

Who can join?

Anyone! If you are not currently a LEAGUE member we can add you. If you are already an existing LEAGUE member, please consider also joining the Ally Committee! We are composed of both straight allies and members of the LGBTQ community. The Ally committee meets at least once a month for one hour.