Mark is very excited to take on the role of Public Relations Officer for LEAGUE. The goal for LEAGUE is to communicate often, clearly and with transparency. He previously served for the last two years as advisor to LEAGUE at AT&T. He enjoyed this role in providing advice to the national and local leaders and being a historical data source about the organization. Mark is thrilled with the growth of the organization and the members that are taking an active role in leading both at the local and national level and those members that do the work of the organization daily. 

Mark previously served the members as CEO in 2012 after holding the office of COO, Communication Director and National Secretary. He first joined LEAGUE at AT&T in 1993 in the founding of the Kansas City Chapter. He also served as National Recording Secretary and then 5 ½ years as National Co-President. Near the end of that tenure he participated in the mergers of SPECTRUM (SBC), New Angle (BellSouth) and GLBT PRIDE (Cingular). He stepped away from the national operations after the mergers and focused his activities as Georgia Chapter treasurer. 

In his “real job”, Mark is a Manager-Office of the President. He manages the escalations that reach the executive offices via various methods and through the Service Escalation Program. Previously he was a Manager – Quality/Methods/Procedures on the SOAR Team and in National Mass Markets Consumer and Small Business centers (Legacy T) with product and process support. He started his career in 1988 in Kansas City in telemarketing sales and progressed in various sales and sales support functions to his current position listed above.   

Mark believes the most important work taking place in the LGBT community is what is taking place in the workplace. How someone feels at work, being safe, secure and happy extrapolates to their life outside the company. 

He resides in Smyrna, GA.