Name: Bryan Ford
LEAGUE Position: Chief Executive Officer

Joined LEAGUE: 1990 (please note some of this time was New Angle with BellSouth)
Past LEAGUE Positions: Secretary-GA Chapter, Vice-President-GA Chapter, President-GA Chapter, Chief Operating Officer-LEAGUE at AT&T-National

What does being a member of LEAGUE at AT&T mean to you?
Being a member of LEAGUE at AT&T and active within the organization is of great importance to me. Our organization provides me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, serve our LGBTQ and ally members and employees, and volunteer and assist within our communities. Our organization also provides me a foundation to support and promote the many issues impacting our LGBTQ population.

What is the importance of being your authentic self in the workplace? 
Being my authentic self in my workplace and within our company allows me to focus on our company, our customers, and grow professionally without worrying about negative impacts on me because of being a gay male employee.

AT&T Position: Senior Quality/M&P/Process Manager. Provide sales operations and channel support for National Business-Small Business Inside Sales & Service organization
Joined AT&T: January 7, 1990
Past AT&T Positions: Customer Service/Sales Representative, Business Applications Specialist, Customer Service/Sales Supervisor, Product Manager, Channel Manager.


Born/Raised: Atlanta, GA. I am a native of Atlanta!
Reside: Midtown, Atlanta, GA 
Family: In a committed relationship with an incredible guy, Giovanni, from Sicily, Italy
Hobbies: Travel, Music, Piano, Aviation. I have been playing piano since I was 10 years old, and very involved in music organizations in Atlanta. I am fortunate to have many great friends. You will often find me with them when not working.