Name: Frank Duracher

LEAGUE Position: Chief Financial Officer
Joined LEAGUE: 2014
Past LEAGUE Positions: Chapter Treasurer – Georgia,

What does being a member of LEAGUE at AT&T mean to you?
Being a member of LEAGUE means that I am able to lend my voice to a group that is focused on educating the community about LGBT issues. Through education, I hope that more people will be open to diversity and inclusion of everyone.

What is the importance of being your authentic self in the workplace?
It is important for me to be my authentic self at work because I am made up of many different sides, a creative side, fun-loving side, adventurous, etc. Asking me to ignore one part of me destroys my entire self. No one should be asked to hide who they are from anyone.

AT&T Position: Senior Audit Manager-Partnership Accounting
Joined AT&T: 2014
Past AT&T Positions: Senior Auditor-Internal Audit and Lead Auditor-Internal Audit


Born/Raised: Charlotte, NC
Reside: Dallas, TX
Family: two siblings
Pets: one cat
Hobbies: Cooking, Traveling, Musical Theater, all things Disney