Origin & Concept

  • Conceived from membership conversations regarding topics members thought are important to the LGBT/ AT&T community
  • Designed as a yearlong initiative that will rollover into an annual program providing education / awareness regarding general health specifically for the LGBTQ community highlighting HIV/AIDS, heart disease, and mental health.


  • 1st Mental Health Event – “Everything is Fine” Live & Nationally Webcast event focused on mental health. Keynote by a 3-time U.S. Olympian with a diverse panel to discuss the stigma associated with discussing mental health issues, and providing resources for employees
  • Heart Disease Awareness – National teleconference event focusing in an “Education Discussion on Heart Disease”

2017 events

  • 2nd Mental Health Event –“Everything is still not Fine” Live & Nationally Webcast event continuing the discussion on mental health. With diverse panel from the medical field and people sharing their stories related to By-Polar/ Mania, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, ADHD, and Ahiemerzers. 
  • 1st HIV/ AIDS Event - “HIV Awareness – One Conversation at a time” - Live & Nationally Webcast event on a positive, candid discussion about HIV/AIDS. Aimed at providing understanding, education, and awareness. We hope to help remove the stigma associated with discussing HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

On going
HIV/AIDS Observation Awareness days – Brief communiqué pieces utilizing CDC information on HIV/AIDS awareness and education targeting specific dates and demographic groups while partnering with fellow ERGs through social media and internal media.