Stacey Chosed

I joined AT&T in Sept 2015, I am a Lead Product Marketing Manager for AT&T Cloud Solutions and am responsible for developing product messaging and collaborative leadership with cross-functional teams.

I become a LEAGUE at AT&T member in (I think) late 2015 and I am now CEO.

The importance of being authentic at work prevents me from limiting what I can do. When I am my authentic self at work I can be my true self, maintain my values, my self-esteem and my integrity. Success for me comes through only when I can be my authentic self.

I grew up in New York and now live in Texas with my partner, son and two dogs. For fun, we enjoy traveling and attending hockey games as a family activity.



Preston Sneed

I joined AT&T in 2010 as a candidate in the Leadership Development Program and have held various positions in Credit and Collections, Technology Operations, Corporate Strategy, Strategic Program Office, and most recently AT&T Business. I currently serve as a Principal Business Manager in Customer Service & Operations where I am focused on Transformation across people, process, technology, and culture.

I became a LEAGUE at AT&T member in 2015 and previously served as the National Program Director in 2019 and 2020. I am now National Chief Operating Officer. 

It took me a while to be my authentic self at work. I came out at age 28 after I had already been working at AT&T for nearly 5 years. I can say LEAGUE helped me to be my authentic self and to build more genuine relationships, to be a more impactful employee, and to have a higher level of compassion and empathy for others. I am really passionate about empowering others to be their authentic selves at work as it greatly benefits the individual and corporation at large.

I was raised in the Southeast U.S. but also had the opportunity to live in the Northeast U.S. and in South America growing up. I now reside in Atlanta, GA and enjoy traveling, working out, playing tennis, and volunteering for various non-profits.



Frank Duracher


I joined AT&T in June 2014 and am currently Senior Audit Manager – I manage a team that prepares financial statements for external presentation to minority partners, investors, and other potential interested parties. My team also coordinates with Ernst & Young to issue audit reports AT&T that will be issued publicly.

I become a LEAGUE at AT&T member in June 2014 and I am now National Chief Financial Officer.

It is important to bring your whole self to work. When you cannot be your authentic self, then everyone loses the benefits that a truly diverse culture brings.

My husband and I have one cat. We love to travel, especially to Walt Disney World.



Geraldine Spear
Membership Officer


In January 2020, Geraldine joined the Channel Readiness team Responsible for coaching and developing Sales Team Managers skills to improve video, broadband, wireless close rates and drive incremental sales across the Sales & Service organization.

Geraldine started her career with AT&T in the Consumer Sales and Service center in San Diego, CA. Throughout her tenure Geraldine, has held a variety of roles: Team Lead, Sales Acceleration Manager, and Team Manager. In her previous role, Geraldine served as a Boot Camp Sales trainer in the Sales and Service organization responsible for program execution, strategy, and implementation in the ATS to MSS transition project in Ocean Springs. Geraldine is a 2017 SEA award winner. 

Geraldine is pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Business Management at Western Governors University. Geraldine is a Glam Ma and enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. Geraldine is in her happy place when she is leading and coordinating events with Aspire Mentoring.


Mark F. Carden
Public Relations Officer


I joined AT&T in 1988 and I am currently Sr. Project Program Manager in AT&T Brand. I support the Brand Management Team via Operations Support.

I become a LEAGUE at AT&T member in 1993 and I am now National Public Relations Officer.

If you can come to work as your whole self and not hide or leave something behind at home then you can focus on your work and your peers and give more and feel part of the AT&T Community. You don’t need to hide who you are and you bring all your skills to the table.

I am a native of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC. I attended schools in the Metro DC area and then attended college in Kansas City, MO at Rockhurst University. I have a BSBA and MBA in Marketing from Rockhurst. I am the youngest of four kids. I would consider myself a foodie but not very fanatical about it. I just enjoy good food, wine and great company to share it with. I live in the Atlanta metro area and share my life with six cats and one dog.


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