Name: Mark F. Carden

LEAGUE Position: Public Relations Officer
Joined LEAGUE: 1993
Past LEAGUE Positions: Chapter Co-President Kansas City, National Recording Secretary, National Secretary, National Co-President, Communications Director, Chief Operating Officer, CEO

What does being a member of LEAGUE at AT&T mean to you?
Being a member of LEAGUE is very core to who I am as a person. I believe in being out and open in the workplace and showing others that they can be also. I also learn from others in our community without any repercussions for who I am.

What is the importance of being your authentic self in the workplace?
I don’t think you can succeed in anything without being your authentic self. Being 100% of who you are reflects in your work and allows you to achieve your goals. You also serve as a guide, role model for those that are not yet 100% authentic in the workplace.

AT&T Position: Manager, Office of the President
Joined AT&T: 1988
Past AT&T Positions: Telemarketing Sales Representative, Sales Representatives, Business Account Executive, Customer Service Manager, M&P/Process Quality Manger


Born/Raised: Washington, DC
Reside: Smyrna, GA
Family: 1 of four kids and friend to many. 
Pets: 6 cats and 1 dog 
Hobbies: Cooking, Walking, Traveling, Foodie, Old Movies