League Foundation

LEAGUE Foundation grew out of a simple idea to be able to assist LGBT youth to attend college.  The first spark of this idea happened with LEAGUE at AT&T members met in 1996.  AT&T had announced that it would be trivesiting itself into AT&T, Lucent Technologies and NCR.  LEAGUE at AT&T also met and laid the groundwork that would become LEAGUE at AT&T, EQUAL at Lucent and LEAGUE at NCR.   

This group presented to the LEAGUE Officers and Board Members the idea to start a scholarship fund to award basic scholarships to self-identified LGBT youth.  The next year the first funds started being raised through auctions, fundraising amongst LEAGUE members and supports.  These humble beginnings allowed the first scholarships to be awarded in 1999.


To learn more about the LEAGUE Foundation please visit them at http://www.leaguefoundation.org/

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